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Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis

Managing Director

Phone: (317) 844-7171

Having spent nearly ten years of his career developing business relationships with some of the world's top executives, Mike Ellis knows a thing or two about assessing needs, paying attention to details, finding meaningful solutions and following up to ensure customer satisfaction and often repeat business. Particularly among today's skeptical, message-saturated consumers, just being able to connect with people is more than a talent - it's a calling.

According to Ellis, "People have a tendency to make things complicated. I believe in starting with the end in mind: match talented people with the companies that need them. From there, it's just a matter of listening to what people really want and knowing where to find it." He continues, "The employers I talk to want smart, independent-thinking, versatile employees who are looking for a career in this industry, not just a job."

Prior to starting GTR, Mike worked for a management consultancy where his talent for working with people was used to ferret out client needs and match them with the firm's services. His success in this role earned him the right to develop a formal process based on his efforts and then assemble and deploy a team to do the same. In fact, his team's method for visually displaying, tracking and improving its process became one of the firm's core practices, and versions of it were utilized at client sites needing similar team-driven metrics.

Before entering the field of management consulting, Ellis honed his skills as an engineer in the windows manufacturing industry, leading teams with his natural ability to connect with and motivate his peers.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology from Purdue University.

Mike can be reached at 317-844-7171 ext. 3 or mike@globaltalentnow.com.